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Oh, Lord, to hear your voice and know what You would have me do.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Rest is not idleness

Our front yard January 2010
Rest is not idleness, and to sometimes lie in the snow, making snow angels under the twinkling stars on a cold winter's night, listening to the wind mingle in the pine by no means a waste of time.

So many wonderful, resonant images come to mind when I think about the holidays--candles and colors and laughter.  Past memories linger while I continue to create new memories in the present. We're empty-nesters now, so I  decorate our house alone.  Sad but true.  But I will not resist this chapter of my life!  I will embrace it with endearing love, brighter colors and louder laughter.

As Christmas approaches, let us remember the reason for the season.

Jesus + family = Christmas.

And after recently spending an evening with our friends here in the Carolinas, I added one more item.

Jesus + family + friends = Christmas

My fellow WINners, you will not see a $ sign in the above equation.  Oceans of blessings to you in the days to come!

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.  He makes me to lie down in freezing snow; He leads me beside the frozen pond.*   Psalm 23:1-2   *well, something like that. NewSharonLeafVersion

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