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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer guests, unexpected or otherwise

I hope you WINners are having some lazy hazy days of summer.  Summer is a fun time of year, a time to slow down and enjoy warm sunny days. But what about those women who work, or have commitments outside the home?  I look back and wonder how I survived!  But Someone had my best interest and helped me through the challenging moments, such as...the unexpected summer guest.
Your phone rings. An old friend is passing through and would love to spend a few days with you.  Oh, great!  Of course you want to spend time with your friend, but you decided yesterday that you weren't going to clean toilets and vacuum this week--the house isn't prepared for the last minute surprise.  Don't fret, gals.  I guarantee that your friend won't notice all those little dust bunnies hiding in the corners of your living room with the few tips I've learned over the years.  Rob and I have been told many times that we have the gift of hospitality. I never thought much about it, but we do enjoy opening our home to family and friends. 
First, have a small vase of flowers in the guest room to catch the eye. Second, have the candles burning....yummy. Offer a tall glass of sweet tea, or a glass of wine, anything that beckons come, relax. Of course, clean bed linens, towels, body soap and lotion--voila!  That simple.  If you want to do the whole spa theme (robe, slippers), that's up to you. All I'm saying is do what's best for you without getting stressed. Over the years I've learned to keep a little basket/box of odds and ends (toothbrush, Q-tips, tampons, etc) for those 'just in case' moments.
So go ahead, say yes to that unexpected guest. The main thing to remember is relax and enjoy yourself. God has blessed us with friends--lets welcome them with open arms and a candle.
Oceans of blessings, Sharron  (pic of me in Belize)

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