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Oh, Lord, to hear your voice and know what You would have me do.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Longer I Live

Lighthouse on Tybee Island, Georgia 2008

The longer I live, the more my mind dwells upon the beauty and the wonder of the world.

Someone recently said that it's easy for people to be happy when they live in a nice house, work at a great job, and have good health.  That is true.  But when you're about to lose your house, recently lost your job, and your health is, that is where the rubber meets the road.  Do you  know someone who is going through rough times, and they still have their joy?  They are such an inspiration to me. They must have a reason for their joy when they're going through troubled waters.

I've been through troubled waters in my own life...two failed mother's illnesses (heart and Multiple Sclerosis; she died at the young age of 66) father being diagnosed with Parkins name a few.  In those darkest hours I had to make a choice to keep my joy.  
~ Now, many years later, when I am blessed, I want people to know...not to brag, but to testify of the faithfulness of the Lord in my life.  When I saw no hope, He gave me hope.  Now my greatest joy comes when I can encourage those around me to keep on trusting when everything around looks hopeless.  There is a Light at the end of the tunnel.  Better yet...that Light is going through the tunnel with you.  Let God be your Lighthouse.  He will guide you safely to shore.  

Make God's glory resound; echo His praises from coast to coast.  
Isaiah 42:10  The Message


  1. Yes! I love this!
    It's wonderful to have a JOY
    that circumstances can't crush.
    There is so much beauty
    so much awe
    ...being grateful changes our
    There is never a shortage of
    grace to be grateful for!
    Love that you celebrate that:)

  2. There is always something to celebrate every day, if we look for it. I start the morning by saying, "Thank you, Lord for another day. I'm still here, so you must have something for me to do." And with that, I am thankful for another day.

  3. Great words! Your thankfulness is evident to those around you :)