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Oh, Lord, to hear your voice and know what You would have me do.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Week Eleven ~ Bible Study Blog

Week 11 ~ Discerning His Will ~ I was raised to pray, if it be God's will.  This is suitable because we do want God's will in every prayer request.  God's will doesn't have to be a deep secret that He wants to keep from us.  He delights in us knowing His will.  As our two-way communication becomes as natural as breathing, His will shall flow in our lives.  For me, I knew that I was to leave California and move to Fort Mill, South Carolina.  Now, that was a big step to leave family, friends, and home, so it was vital that Rob and I heard from God.  He had placed a stirring in our hearts in 2004 to move when we came to visit our daughter, but we waited until His timing, in 2006, to fly back to South Carolina to look at properties.  Three days of searching--from Lancaster, SC to Lake Norman, NC--we purchased the first home we looked at!  One month later, we were packed up and heading to the east coast, and never looked back.  We still don't know the full purpose of our moving, but Rob and I are enjoying the journey!
     Now, I can hear you asking, "What if God doesn't reveal His will?"  I think we've all asked that question a time or two.  When my friend, Marilyn died at forty-four, I asked God, "Why did she have to die so young?"  He didn't give me an answer, so this is when I had to say, "Lord, if you don't tell me, I'm going to trust You anyway." A few years later when her son experienced a terrible tragedy, I received my answer.  Marilyn's heart would have been broken.  We don't know the future, but God does. 
     We are in training on Earth to prepare us for serving with God in heaven.  There are times we are tempted to bargain with God, but we must say no to bargaining.  I learned my lesson when I was nineteen, single, and pregnant.  "Please God, I'll do anything for You if I'm not pregnant."  Oh, how glad I am that it was His will for me to have my darling daughter, Jacqueline.  She's been the light of my life.
     God will not intervene when we ignore His leadership.  He gives us room to make wrong choices.  Then He waits.  It's when we turn to God that He turns a bad situation to good.  After sixteen years of marriage, going through my divorce was hell on earth, especially for my two children. I made some bad personal choices during those three years after my divorce, but He waited until I finally turned to Him and cried, "Help!" His love guided me back when I could no longer bear the pain.  He smiled, and a few months later, he brought Rob into my life, and we were married a year later.  Now, twenty-two years have passed, and we're still going strong!  God's way is the only way!
And we know that all that happens to us is working for our good if we love God and are fitting into His plan.  Romans 8:30
The Ten Commandments give us some confines of God's will.  Ruling out any requests that don't fit those standards is the starting place for confirming God's will.  Our requests must align with His word and His will.  Sorry ladies, but selfish requests that hurt others and only meet our needs are not included in God's will. I heard a woman pray, "Please, God, let Suzie Q's Beauty Shop close down so I can get the customers."  Hmm, do you think God closed Suzy Q's down?  Doubt it.
     God knows our hearts, our motives, and our intentions. As we pray with right motives, we'll begin to see more answered prayer in our lives.  
Happy Memorial Day, and oceans of blessings to all you WINners!  Sharron

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