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Oh, Lord, to hear your voice and know what You would have me do.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Season For Love ~ "For every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1

My plan was to begin blogging in March, but after attending the first Fort Mill WIN meeting on Thursday night, I came home too excited to wait.  I met so many wonderful women, and they all shared their enthusiasm over  the WIN blog.  So, what could I say?  Here I am to welcome all of you gifted, warm, enthusiastic women to the Women's Inititative Network blog.  Because Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I'm blogging my devotion, A Season for Love, that I read at the WIN meeting.  As women, we must remind ourselves that there are different seasons of our lives and we must enjoy and learn from each one. My season for love taught me this well:  ~~~   Forty-one-years-old.  Two failed marriages.  The recent loss of my mother.  Life didn't look too promising.  After working all day, I'd come home and after a three-mile-run and a cold shower, I'd indulge in my latest adventure-filled novel.  But this Thursday night I threw the book across the room.  "God, please tell me there's more!"  Then the phone rang.
   It was my friend Tia, begging me to accompany her to a singles meeting.  "I don't want to go alone," she moaned.  After surviving her own divorce, she was tired of waiting by the phone for I-like-you-I'll-call-you kind of guys.  That's why I gave up dating months ago.  Stop-looking-and-let-God was my new motto, thus the reason for my nightly runs and cold showers.  Tia, on the other hand, had started visiting churches with large singles ministries.
"You have to go with me," she pleaded.
What could I say?
   The next evening Tia headed for the front row, but I insisted on two seats near the back door.  In between glancing at my watch, a tall, tanned, blue-eyed man who was giving directions caught my eye.  But it didn't matter.  I would not be returning.
   The following Thursday night I was half way out the front door when the phone rang.  "Ignore it," I whispered, but a voice inside said, answer it.
   "I'm Rob and I'm calling to thank you for attending our meeting last Friday night."
   Within minutes we were talking like old friends.  I was curious.  "Are you the guy who was giving all the orders?"
   My heart began to pound, so I dove in. "I was married sixteen years."
   "I was married sixteen years too."
   "I have a twenty-year-old daughter."
   "So do I."
   "I also have a thirteen-year-old son."
   "Me too."
   It was almost midnight when he asked, "Will you come to the meeting tomorrow night?"
   What could I say?

   The next night I scoped the room. He was nowhere in sight, so I turned to make my exit, but as my shaky hand pushed the door handle, a voice yelled, don't leave!  I reluctantly found a seat on the back row, and unknowingly, Rob sat in front of me.  I tapped his shoulder.  He turned around.
   "You're Rob?"
   "Yes, and you're Sharron?"
   I nodded, then blushed as he came around to sit beside me.
   I had returned that night to check out the stranger who invaded my life over the telephone.  Little did I know that the next season of my life had just begun.  Rob proposed a year later.
   What could I say? ~~~

You don't have a Valentine this year? That's okay because your Heavenly Father wants you for His special Valentine.  He loves you more than you can imagine.  He is just what you need for this season of your life! 
Oceans of blessings, Sharron

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